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Originally Posted by Charsiu View Post
I was there last year around this time and while I didn't spend time in Pigneto, I can speak for other neighbourhoods worth visiting.

I'd recommend visiting the Mercato in the neighbourhood, Testaccio. A number of good cheap takeaway places with a food court style sitting area, check out the sandwich place Mordi & Vai. Also look for the stall that does the Carciofi Alla Giudia, deep fried artichoke hearts, a Roman Jewish dish.

About a 15 minute walk away across the river to the north, there is a great, reasonably priced restaurant called La Tavernaccia in the neighbourhood Trastavere. You'll likely need to call a couple days ahead of time to make reservations. Food is reasonably priced, a lot of quintessential Roman dishes like amatriciana pasta or coda alla vaccinara, or oxtail stew.

Also it goes without saying that there is decent pizza. Check out Bonci's Pizzarium, he does a number of different pizza by the slice, definitely worth checking out, it's up north of the vatican. It's a takeaway counter which is always packed, but worth the wait. Pizza toppings range from things as meat heavy as ragu and mortadella to veg options like potato or zucchini blossoms.

Also I'd recommend Da Cesare Al Casaletto a trattoria in the southwest of the downtown core, there's a street car that will get you there. A reservation is needed here as well. I remember having the lightest most delicious misto fritto here, breaded and fried seafood.

If you like bars, check out Ma Che Siete Venuti A F in Trastavere, it's a divey spot with a million microbrews on tap, when it's packed you can drink out front.

If you like farmer markets there is an awesome indoor one near the circus maximus open saturdays and sundays.

Anyway, it's a tasty city, I could go on, but those are the highlights.

I really like those take away places so will probably check out Mercato for sure. Yeah the main thing is to try as much food as possible!
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