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Originally Posted by Slava View Post
^ yeah I recognize that is an issue, but the fact is that was the situation. These players were going back and forth. I've played both and obviously there are differences between the games, but its not like one is hockey and one is rugby; there are a lot of skills and transferable ones at that, particularly in the backs. The bizarre thing is that we saw no evidence of that or at least very little in our backs. So while you have guys who are capable or playing open, running rugby when they're on the field or 7's we saw back line that continually played uncreative, uninspired rugby.

I get that we were not going to win the RWC. I just think that there were opportunities to play to our strengths here and we failed to do that.
We will have to agree to disagree.

Now let's open the Pandora's Box of a unified season in Canada.
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