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Originally Posted by Textcritic View Post
And yet, Rasmus Andersson—who was drafted the same year as Kylington—has secured his spot in the top-four, and Valimaki—drafted two years after Kylington—has played every game of the season. So, the problem is clearly not that management and coaches are reluctant to give young players their opportunities.
You really like to dispute my posts. First of all, I'm not bothered about opportunities as Kylington has played in the NHL. It's about how long the leash is with making mistakes and it's not even just Kylington. Dube makes a mistake, gets planted on the bench for a whole period. I'm not trying to pick on Lucic but in the playoffs he took a dumb penalty against Dallas to start the comeback. He made several bad plays and yet was never benched. Johnny and Mony, plays die on their sticks numerous times even on the PP, they never miss a shift. Chucky on is knees watching us get scored on...etc etc.
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