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Hey Gents,

I had an incredible experience with a local small business electrician. his name is Zac and he is friggin' amazing. He came out to check on a problem I had for free, spent an hour exploring the problem and replaced an outside plug for free. I finally had to say to the guy, before he went down to my basement to start experimenting to find the problem, "I think we should make this a service call." He finally agreed because I said this was too much for free and he has to earn a living. Long story short a complicated problem solved with a one hour service call for like 85 bucks. Unbelievable, he was honest, walked me through the process and taught me a tonne about electrical that I did not know. Amazing. I give him two thumbs up! Here is his Facebook page, highly recommend if you need a reliable honest guy for any work you are doing. Once you meet him you will see what I mean. Countless stories of his excellent service in our neighbourhood. Anyways just wanted to let people know!
Needed an electrician to look into a circuit problem in our 60's vintage house. Called Tempest on this CP recommendation. Double thumbs up!

Came over on Sunday to check out the problem, but of course it self-resolved - temporarily. Came back on Wednesday to do a thorough check and replace all ancient plugs and switches on that circuit. Found the culprit, replaced everything and even installed some fixtures we'd been sitting on waiting for a proper electrician to come along. Extremely reasonable to the point that we felt we should give him something for the free house call on Sunday. Highly recommend. Like WinnipegFan said, honest competent guy trying to build up clientele for his own small business.
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