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In the wake of the current COVID-19 Pandemic CRA looks to extend the Tax-Filing Deadline to June 1st 2020.

OTTAWA Canadians will have one extra month to file their taxes to the Canada Revenue Agency, the National Post has learned.

The announcement will be made tomorrow by federal ministers as part of a larger series of financial measures to assist Canadian individuals and governments through the COVID-19 pandemic.

So instead of an April 30 filing deadline for the 2020 tax filing season, Canadians will have until June 1 to submit their income tax return to CRA. The deadline to pay off any outstanding balances interest-free will also be extended, this time to July 31.

Your Accountant will not thank anyone for this because believe it or not Tax Accountants do not stay awake at night dreaming of longer tax seasons, but we're all just doing the best we can in the time thats given to us.

I have always offered all of my clients the ability to complete their taxes remotely in any way their choosing.

Throughout my experience I have clients who have dropped their documents off at my office, submitted documents to me electronically and some that call me and hold their appointments with me over the phone.

I even have clients who have faxed me all of their information. You know who you are.

All Tax Appointments can be contactless if you so choose and I endeavour to do my best to serve my clients both for their taxes and their health especially under the current trying circumstances.

Do what the Government and good sense dictates and be smart with your risks and the risks you might unwittingly and unintentionally impose upon others who are more vulnerable.

Oh. And get your taxes done. That too. Its your money.

I am still working and doing taxes.

If you are sick please don't come to my office. In fact, dont leave your house. You dont have to and I can still do your taxes for you.
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