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Originally Posted by Faust View Post
Does anybody in the CP Forum know much about the Questrade Portfolio IQ ETF funds and their promise to have you retire up to 30% wealthier?

I get that they have lower fees than the average mutual fund but am I missing anything else that I should be aware of?
I am basically sure that's it. The idea is that they will save you the mutual fund MER and as a result you save the fees which could add up to 30%. It's not quite accurate because its not like these other products are free of costs entirely, but they are cheaper. And of course they are saying "up to" so I guess that is how they get around it.

Consumers can expect to see a lot on fees over the coming year I think. In Canada there are what can only be described as industry changing debates to the mutual fund industry in particular, and there are also a lot of new disclosures that people invested in funds are going to see.

I think that the Qtrade ads are good. As usual advisors are painted as idiots in them (my opinion anyway), and that is irritating to see, but people should be aware of their fees and make decisions with all of the information at hand.
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