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^^^ Is that true in Canada, Slava? I know, at my bank, they are very careful about what we call ourselves depending on our certifications. Is that just because I work for an IIROC institution? I may be wrong here, but for some reason when watching that I had the thought that all Canadian investment firms are fiduciaries. Is that wrong?

Obviously there are still people that load up clients with high management fees, DSCs, A+ Access bullspit, etc.., but I was under the impression that if you can prove your advisor is not acting in your best interest, you can after them, no?

Personally, I know that the advisor I work(ed) for is very above board in this regard, but I do know some people, even around here, that do things that I would consider less than ethical. And we get transfers from smaller firms where people are just getting absolutely boned with unnecessary fees.
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