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I would be cautious in trusting a realtor for advice on what you can and can't do in this instance. You need to start at the RM office and find out what and where you can build, and they will provide you with contact information for the engineer they use for building permits. That is the person who will be able to give you the most help. They will (should) know the area, what you can do, etc.

Like was stated before, you probbaly won't have an issue building a house unless it's a swamp. your biggest issues are;

water supply - are there wells in the area, has anyone drilled there before, is there a water line (water coop) nearby that you can tie into?

Sewage - Can you put in a septic field, you do not want to be stuck with a storage tank and having to pump it out every week. If you can't have a field or lagoon don't bother unless it's a cabin that you barely use.

Gas - How far away is natural gas, electric is expensive for heat, find out where the gas line runs and how much it will cost to bring it in. Alternatives are oil, but that can get expensive, electric, or geothermal (great option as the extra initial cost will probably be less than bringing in a gas line. (8 years ago I was quoted 15K to run a gas line 1.5 miles across bald ass prarie)

Power - Again, where is the main lne and how much to bring it in. you need power.

Phone/internet - Phone lines aren't that big a deal if you have cel service, but internet is a tough one. I am on WBB and it is expensive and slow. Also you need line of sight to a tower. Internet over cel is really expensive. Can you handle going back to dial-up?

All of these items are best found by talking to the untilities and the engineer responsible for building permits in the area. My realtor had told me that gas line ran right by the property and would only cost a couple thousand to hook up. Needless to say, when Saskenergy told me the truth I changed my plans.

I have an acreage with Power, Gas, Phone, Water, and a septic system. I am truly blessed as I have not had to change my living habits in the slghtest. Trust me, any one of those items can make living in the country a huge adjustment, so you need to consider it before you do it.
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