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Default Fantasy hockey biding cap league

Hey guys,

We have a biding fantasy hockey league on Pro Boards and Yahoo and are in need of at least one but possibly two owners willing to take over a couple of current teams. We are going into only the leagues second off-season but I run another league similar to this one with different owners that has been competing successfully for almost seven years. Everything has been pretty stable but now for the off-season, we're in need of knowledgeable hockey person(s) willing to be active in a very interesting and fun fantasy hockey biding league. Please continue to read what will be expected of you and only email me if you believe you are up to the challenge. At the bottom of this post, i have even included of leagues off-season schedule so you know exactly when something is happening.

During the hockey season, the league needs each owner to visit the pro boards site a minimum of one hour a day, minus weekends. In the leagues off-season and depending on the schedule, that hourly number could increase and will include some weekend time to preform such task as updating your teams roster page, recalling and sending players to the minors, wheeling and dealing, naming your teams RFA's, biding on free agents, drafting and activating prospects or participating in the draft lottery, there is always something to do in the TDL. I know the expected participation seems like a lot but this league is like nothing you've never seen before, you will want to spend even more time discussing trades, scouting players or biding on players to develop your team, this league is NOT just about having your Yahoo line up set. Anyone interested in joining the league, must have instant chat for Y!M and it is greatly preferred that you already be familiar with the site called Pro Boards. If you meet this criteria, please email me directly so you may answer some generic questions and so we can go over the league rules which are too long to include in this post.

All the categories in the league are pretty hockey savvy so you'll need to be on your toes but everyone already in the league will be there to help you with any questions you might have in the beginning of your TDL career. After you have decided to join the league and once you've had your pro board account approved, you will then get to see your teams roster but understand that the team does have some really good players but I would point out that the teams over all depth is lacking and it is pretty tight against the salary cap although that's why i invented our leagues buyout rule, to help you get some breathing room. All the team names have to be real NHL teams so you can change your teams name from whatever western team is available or you may decide to keep the current Blackhawks team name. If you have any questions and are interested in joining, feel free to PM me here or please email me at

Thank you and please enjoy the rest of your day,

TrueDynastyLeague's OFF-SEASON schedule

April.28th - Championship is awarded:Boston Bruins!!!
April.29th to May.8th - Post play-off "Rental" Buyout period
May.9th to 12th- League Award nominees need to be submitted

(Please stay out of your TDL roster page while I transfer all recorded year 1 information to every teams archive thread while also searching and correcting any imperfections)

May.27th- TDL officially begins its 2nd year. TDL teams who are in compliance with the league caps may start trading or buying players out. Waivers are not in effect. Teams may now release retired players or players who signs overseas.

May.28th to 31st- TDL entry draft lottery
June.1st to 4th- RFA selection
(Once a team submits their RFA list, all of their remaining 1yr contract players officially become UFA's)
June.5th to 14th- RFA signings
June.17th to 28th- TDL Entry Draft (16hrs)
July.12th- Free Agent Biding begins!
October.1st - Waivers are activated

*this schedule is still subject to modifications

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