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my son is now 15 and playing quad hockey, so my coaching is limited to the drive home (he sleeps and listens to music on the way too games). I miss coaching though. for the most part my son played on teams where there was no real drama (that I was aware of) - so his experience (other than being cut from quad in bantam) for the most part has been good.

yeah the dressing rooms will be a mess with a load of parents players and coaches in there. I was wondering how they will handle the benches - or do the kids just stand on the ice waiting their shift?. What about penalties?

seems to me that it is a good idea, as for some kids skating up and down all 200 feet of ice is like 200 miles.

does half ice games mean that these kids will get more games in per season? as I am assuming that almost all of their practices are half ice.
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