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Originally Posted by edn88 View Post
So I coach both of my boys in Springbank Minor Hockey.

Was curious if there was any interest in a thread on local minor hockey? I am sure that there are some passionate views on the topic.

My oldest is in Peewee and my youngest is in Sr Timbits.

What I was interested in (especially posters in BC where Novice has alread done this) is people's thoughts on the move to 1/2 ice games for Novice aged players in the next few years.

I get why this is better (anything below Novice 1 is a breakaway fest), but am curious on the logistics.

As a side note, I get that there are lots of issues with Minor Hockey and that there are some terrible parents and coaches that can cause Minor Hockey to be less fun than it should be, but my experience has been 95% positive. Always room for improvement, but not nearly as awful as most people make it out to be.
I agree with your side note. I have both first hand and close second hand knowledge of at least 3 other youth sports that are as- or in some cases much - more intense/insane etc on the parental/culture side as hockey , yet when I talk to most parents it is hockey that gets the bum rap

good on you for coaching! I also coached at Springbank x 5 years
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