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Originally Posted by 4X4 View Post
But if Calgary Transit gets a massive influx of new customers, the ROI is higher and faster than merely upgrading the experience for people that already use the north BRT.

I don't know. Sort of seems like one of those slaps in the face you get when you see a commercial for your own cell/cable/internet provider offering shiny new things for new customers, but the existing faithful can GFY. Business is business?
The reason to move from Bus to LRT is fundamentally a capacity question. The North Central Corridor is really congested, buses are full, and the many buses there are clog Centre Street and in particular downtown streets. Further ridership growth becomes untenable on buses for a long time.

The SE on the other hand really does need improvements on the routes, more dedicated space to make it faster and more efficient, but it'll be a while before the SE bumps up against capacity constraints being served by bus.

I think Gondek's suggestion is that you need to build the north line to effectively serve the corridor, it is less costly to build (not having to build 10+ bridges and tunnels to traverse rivers, railways, industrial areas, and major roadway the SE has to) and therefore there could be budget to dramatically improve SE bus service as well as build North Central LRT.

There is merit to that argument for sure.
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