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Assuming those numbers are correct, and I have no reason to think they're made up, then it kind of seems like a good reason to go north first. The only reason I can think of that they'd go south anyway, is to capture more ridership. The SE seems like an absolute goldmine for an LRT. Not just the residential areas, but also the industrial areas. Not everybody works downtown.
The problem going SE is that it takes a lot of track to reach the major population areas. A major reason why supposedly the Green Line needs the SE LRT to be built first is the maintenance facility is at Shepard, but that's (by my rough counting of the track) 18 km away from central downtown Calgary, which would make it longer than every other leg in the CTrain system. Since so much track needs to be laid in the SE, there's no money left to do anything in the NC, where 18 km north of downtown Calgary, you're past Keystone and looking at farmland and Cross Iron Mills in the east.

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