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Originally Posted by Gaskal View Post
When those 2 goals are shaky boo-boo ones, particularly that 2nd one late in the period, I think you have a pretty good case for making a goalie switch. Goals like that, whose fault lie mostly at the hands of the goaltender, can really affect the entire team.

That, along with the 2 boo boos in game 2, should be reason enough to finally tell him enough is enough.

Having said that I doubr Glen wants to go back to Elliott with so much at stake. If he does, I will be pretty angry since I'm attending the game and woukd rather have Gillies have a shot. But maybe Playoff Moose can miraculously show up still. Can't see it at this point though.

Yeah I do think it's time for a switch in starters, but really I don't have faith in Johnson lol he's just been way too super shaky.

Gilles would be awesome but I don't think GG could stand behind that decision.
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