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Maybe we can add a couple new twists to things this year? Like the suggested "rising" or "dropping" or "stagnant" categories, and maybe instead of a straight up ranking of our prospects from 1-25 or whatever, perhaps we could vote on each guy's most likely NHL career potential.

Something like this:

Dustin Boyd:

1) top six guy who will be a superstar
2) top six guy who will get 50-70 points a season during his prime
3) top nine forward who will get 30-50 points...
4) bottom six guy
5) fringe NHLer
6) career minor leaguer

Something to that effect. Maybe a few more options in there. We could even tweak it based on the type of player each kid is projected to be (scorer, two-way, top six, bottom six, checker, fighter, defensive d-man, two-way d-man, etc.).

Originally Posted by Reggie Dunlop View Post
Feller asked if he should continue the feature. That suggests to me that there was some hestitation. Since that was the case, I thought it was fair to offer some input on how it might be approached differently.
That's how I read things too Reg. One, is it even worth it (are people interested), and two, should we tweak how it's done. Personally, I like the idea of putting up a series of polls. Might get more votes than in the past, and it gives all the mods the option to put them up, instead of just one or two guys being responsible for all the work.

I dunno.
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