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Default 2017 Formula 1

Silly season will be wrapping up soon, and new cars are dropping in the next week, seems like a good time to get started here.


With Nico not returning there is no one to defend the WDC, so that job will fall to Lewis Hamilton. Will Mercedes run away with it again, or will the new care regulations give others a chance to get the jump on them? Will Bottas be able to challenge Hamilton at the front? Will they get along, or is Toto going to have to play babysitter again?

Will the new tires perform, or are we going to have a mess for the first few races? Will we get more, or less overtaking?

I'm hoping for a very competitive season with not much between Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, Force India, Ferrari, and Mclaren. But we will see.

It is going to be awesome to have a Canadian to cheer for again in Lance Stroll, first time since Jacques Villeneuve!

Same thread rules as last year, it's all fair game to discuss as it happens, so don't worry about spoiler tags.
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