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It's been some time but I am in need of one replacement owner. For the most part everything has been pretty stable over our eight year run but in this moment we're in need of a knowledgeable hockey person willing to be active in a very interesting and fun fantasy hockey biding league. Please continue to read what will be expected of you and only email me if you believe you are up to the challenge.

The league expects each owner to visit the Pro Boards site a minimum of once a day, minus weekends just to check in or if needed to update your teams roster page, recall/send players from/to the minors, activating prospects or respond to trade inquiries. Each team consists of a 25 player main roster with 10 minor league spots to fill for depth, biding on a player is won when a teams bid stays current for 24 uninterrupted hours, our contract guide system ensures that teams can not hoard all of the best players season after season, our two tier buyout system allows for some "correctiveness" with slight penalty for teams who over spend but mainly the league is about fun perpetual player movement. In the leagues off-season the summer schedule is pretty June and July heavy when activity expectations will increase with some weekend time to preform such task as naming and biding on yours and other teams RFA's, participating in the draft lottery and the leagues entry draft. Then most of August is reserved for our UFA period and for teams who may miss out on their coveted free agent, trades, trades and more trades.

Expected participation may seems like a lot but this league is NOT just about having your Yahoo line up set, we want people to engage with others, have some laughs and most of all fun while managing your team to the Championship. Anyone interested in joining the league would need to have instant chat for Y!M and it be great if you're already familiar with the site called Pro Boards but if not no worries as its easy enough to learn over a weekend. If you meet this criteria, feel free to PM me here or please email me directly so you may answer some generic questions and we can go over much more of the league rules that are just too in depth to include them all in this post.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day,
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