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- Make your own ice rink. Ability to build your own "arena" would be awesome. The new 2k16 basketball game has it, don't know why NHL couldn't. Madden had this feature as well years ago, may still. At the least, allow teams to pick NHL or International ice surface. If put in properly, teams could build there arena as a outdoor pond with snow mounds instead of boards like the movie Mystery Alaska. Just different options to add more individuality in EASHL.

- Get rid of broken sticks. Companies spend millions of dollars trying to keep sticks from breaking so easily, why does the NHL video game need to add that? Just another way to take out skill and add in freak incidents happening to change outcomes.

- Speed up skating and the game. NHL 09 was so fast elite players destroyed everyone, NHL 10 slowed down the game but kept it fast enough it felt realistic for NHL players and skilled players could still win if they were the better player. This game feels authentic if I was considering it as me actually playing pond hockey. Slow turns, cuts and inaccurate passes make it feel more rec league then NHL.

- Multiple dressing rooms, at least 2 or the ability to play with more then 6 people (aka line changes)

- Line changes. Allow users to select different builds prior to game (or the same build across the board) but force them to make line changes. Have their overall start to drop significantly after say 45 seconds (real life not game seconds).

- More customizing of goalie equipment, especially mask.
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