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Default Day 13 (PM of Wednesday Feb 21 - AM of Thursday of Feb 22)

At 17:05 Switzerland faces Great Britain in Menís Curling in a Tie-Breaker to decide who will face Sweden in the Semifinal. I think that this will be on TSN

Beginning at 17:30 the Final in the Womenís Big Air will begin and it should be on CBC. Spencer OíBrien will be the 2nd boarder to go. Recent Silver Medalist (Slopestyle) Laurie Blouin looks to improve on her already successful Olympics as she will be the 9th boarder to take the jump.

At 18:00 the 1st run in the Menís Slalom is scheduled to begin and I believe it will be on Sportsnet 1. The 2nd run should begin at 21:30.

The Downhill portion of the Womenís Alpine Combined Event is scheduled to start at 19:30. Valerie Grenier, Candace Crawford, and Roni Remme are the Canadian participants. The Slalom portion should begin at 23:00.

Also at 19:30 the Final for the Menís Halfpipe in Freestyle Skiing is scheduled to begin and looks like it will be on CBC. Calgaryís Noah Bowman will be the 4th skier, while 2014 Silver Medalist Mike Riddle will ski 6th.

At 21:10 it is the main event of the evening. A rivalry that has been alive for decades, and a rematch 4 years in the making. Canada vs. the United States for the Gold Medal in Womenís Hockey, the game will probably be on CBC as well as TSN2.

At 00:30 the Nordic Combined Event of Team Large Hill-4x5km begins with the ski jumping event and I think it will be shown in part on CBC. No Canadians are in this event, but the Cross-Country portion is scheduled to start at 03:20.

Starting at 03:00 the focus shifts to the Short Track Speed Skating as the Quarterfinals in the Menís 500m begin and will probably be on CBC as well as TSN 1, 3, 4, & 5. Samuel Girard is the only Canadian in this event and he will skate in the 3rd Quarterfinal. The Semifinals scheduled are for 03:42, with the Final slated for 04:13.

At 03:14 the Quarterfinals for the Womenís 1000m are scheduled to begin. Marianne St-Gelais and Kim Boutin will be in the first race. Valerie Maltais will be in the 2nd race. The Semifinals will begin at 03:51, and the Final will bestarting at 04:26. I believe all of these events will be on CBC and TSN 1, 3, 4, & 5.

In Semifinal Menís Curling action Canadaís rink will face the team from the United States at 04:05. Sweden will also face the winner from the earlier Tie-Breaker match.

At 04:15 the Womenís 4x6km Relay in Biathlon is scheduled to begin.

At 04:52 the Menís 5000m Relay will begin in Short Track. Canada will be racing in the Final against Hungary, China, and the host South Korean team.
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