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Originally Posted by Slava View Post
You say this, and yet youíve thanked this on the same page.

Iím not in favour of opening everything and just letting the virus run rampant, but I do favour a middle of the road approach. We have crossed the line from concerns about our healthcare system and are moving towards case counts and trying to stem the spread entirely. As the vaccine is more widely spread, the case count matters less and less. If we have 100 new cases today and itís all people under 40, itís far less of a concern than what we saw earlier. We know that, and itís not a stretch to suggest that.

I would also add that we have a pretty good idea of where new cases are these days. To the surprise of no one, itís meat packing facilities, correctional facilities and congregated living. Of course there are other places, but thatís the vast majority. Has there been a documented of someone in a library contracted the virus? I highly doubt it, but we still had to have these closed for months. Would a retail store that has masking and distancing measures in place be cause for concern if they could have a more normal number of people inside? Almost surely. Instead weíre glossing over common sense and people line up outside. (What in the world people need so badly at IKEA is a whole other discussion, but I digress)

Anyway, Iím fine with the masking, social distancing and all of those precautions. I follow all of this religiously. But, that doesnít mean I agree with the continued hammering of small businesses and insufficient supports for them while that happens.
I was thanking a post for saying if we just kept on our path for a few more weeks, our numbers are so low that we have far less worry of a big third wave, which would be even more damaging to local businesses. I don't interpret that post as saying we need strict lockdowns forever until we zero cases. Get our numbers very low, also makes this much much easier to contain.

I'm with you on the small business stuff, and I'm not someone that thought restaurants needed to be entirely closed, or even gyms. Good rules and restrictions could have kept them going the entire time. Our government in Alberta is not good at this, and they have inconsistent, strange restrictions. Why haven't we been able to have gyms, by appointment, with masks, at a reduced capacity this entire time? I didn't think it made sense for small businesses to be closed while malls were open either. That said, I'd rather get numbers to levels where businesses could be impacted far less than they are with these restrictions in place. I also agree that the provincial government should have been doing a lot more to help small businesses in Alberta, they appeared to do almost nothing.

If we don't do this right, the over 70 hospitalized crowd just gets replaced with the under 70 hospitalized crowd. We're seeing this exact scenario play out elsewhere. It also leads to more variants, not just from other places, but ones that form in our own population. We're just so close here, and I really don't want to see what we've had to sacrifice go to waste.

I haven't heard that most of our cases are in correctional facilities, congregational living and meat packing plants. Is that actually true, I'm legitimately asking, as I haven't seen that. If that is true, then the idea that warmer weather will reduce cases doesn't make a ton of sense.
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