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Originally Posted by burn_this_city View Post
I'm not sure it becomes meaningless. 70 and older used about 40% of the hospital beds to date through the pandemic. We still have to manage the capacity of the system, and at elevated case counts we have the potential to tax it. Once we get everyone over 50 vaccinated that should eliminate 60% of the hospital usage to date, that's when the things change substantially.
one thing I don't know (I assume someone knows but I don't think I do) is really how many of the hospital beds (daily) the over 70 patients have used

I think you are correct we know the number of hospitalizations (admissions) that are over 70 (and that is around 40%) but do we know
1. whether the average hospital stay of an over 70 is longer (this could be true for a variety of reasons- their general health, the need to find placements for them- including LTC etc) such that the number of beds occupied by over 70 at any one time is well over 40%

or 2. the contrary might be true (I suppose) that the under 70 when hospitalized are both very sick, have significant comorbidities and actually have more aggressive health care (including ICU) applied to their case such that they are occupying a higher bed percentage that over 70 who are quickly in and out

or the 2 factors average out evenly. my gut is telling me scenario 1 is more likely but I don't actually know this
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