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Default Calgary International Airport - New Terminal, Runway, Control Tower

Lots of work is going to be happening at and around the airport in the next few years, this is a thread to discuss the work, and to let people know what is going on there.

Calgary's International Airport is about to start a major expansion project that will double the size of the terminal, add a new runway (likely with a public road and future LRT tunnel underneath), and have a new ~300 ft control tower. The cost of the entire expansion is between $2 - 2.5 billion CAD.

International Facilities Project (New Terminal):

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Calgary International Airport (YYC) is now experiencing demand in excess of facility capacity, particularly during peak-times with limited ability to accommodate additional flights. In order to keep pace with Calgary's air transportation facility needs, a new Concourse dedicated to expanded international facilities is required.

The International Facilities Project (East Concourse) will be the single largest expansion The Calgary Airport Authority has undertaken and is being built to meet International passenger demand, YYC's fastest growing route sector.

The new International Concourse will incorporate sustainable design principles, cognizant of the need to create additional space, reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact and is expected to require an estimated investment of $1.4 billion.

Preliminary design activities are underway with construction scheduled to begin in 2010 and targeted for completion by 2015.
Calgary Airport Project Page
Architect Project Page

There is a new hotel going in as well that isn't shown on the renderings, that will also work to connect the existing and the terminals more as one building.

The new terminal/expansion has more floor area than the entire existing terminal. It will cost roughly $1.4 billion CAD and is scheduled to be complete in 2015. They are aiming for at least LEED Gold.

New Parallel Runway 16L/34R:

- 14,000ft x 200ft - Will be the longest runway in Canada (taking the title from its parallel)
- New taxiways connecting to existing airfield
- New taxiway overpass over McCall Way (public road)
- New taxiway overpass over airside service road.
- To be completed in Spring of 2014.
- Estimated cost is $600 million CAD for the entire project.

Centreline of the new runway will be around 10 metres (33 feet) higher than the existing runway 16/34.

Calgary Airport Project page.
Lots more comprehensive information here.

New Air Traffic Control Tower:

The existing control tower is too short and doesn't have line of sight to the end of the new runway.

NavCanada is building a new control tower that will be roughly 300 ft tall (the controller eye height need to be something like 285'). It needs to be that tall to see the 3km (2 miles) to both the North and the south to see the ends of the runway, but particularly to the north end of the new parallel runway. The new runway is 10m higher than the existing runways, plus the tower has to view over top of the new terminal.

The tower will likely have to open up concurrently with the new runway.

It will be located here. the freshly paved lot in the middle. (Google maps link)

Airport Trail underpass/tunnel:

The construction of the runway has permanently closed a four lane high speed access road, that many people used to bypass traffic on Deerfoot Trail. To create new access, but mainly to connect future development to the rest of the road network, the city has approved $295 million dollars to build a tunnel under the roadway. Initially this tunnel would have two lanes of traffic each way, but could be expanded to have 3 lanes each way plus run an LRT connection in the future.

This tunnel will have to be built concurrently with the runway, and start this spring.

Transport Canada would not allow a tunnel similar to Atlanta's tunnel, where there are separate structures for the runway and for the parallel taxiway. Calgary's tunnel will have to be one long structure. The tunnel will be 610m long.

The city is currently in negotiations with the Airport Authority about the project, working out the fine details.

City of Calgary Project Page.

By 2015, the Airport will be significantly different than it is now.

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