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Originally Posted by TorqueDog View Post
Make them wrap all the chrome in a vinyl of your choice as part of the deal. Body colour or a semi-gloss brushed aluminum finish would probably look a lot better than the blind-them-with-chrome theme they have going on.
I was just so happy that all the truck manufacturers are finally offering fully loaded models with no Chrome. They had them for 1/2 trucks for a few years now but now they even have them on heavy duties. Ford offers the lariat sport pack now even on diesels, Ram has Laramie sport even though I'll never get another Dodge. And I've posted pics of my chev I bought this winter and the grill and bumper are body colour from the factory. So I was excited about all these manufacturers finally having their heads on straight when it comes to the front end of all these trucks with aluminum foil, and then sure enough they go right back to it.

I tend to jump back and forth between Chevy and Ford now anyway so whatever but it's just annoying that they're that out of touch

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