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Originally Posted by TheSutterDynasty View Post
Are you seriously suggesting he made this whole thing up?

He didn't post this thread asking for any help, or suggesting people do anything. It's a PSA and opens up a discussion of some of the issues with the transient population. There was a chance, however small, that he could have been killed or seriously injured due to someone's unprovoked intent to injure.

And you seriously think starting this thread is an overreaction?

What a joke. Stop trolling or trying to stir up controversy. There's no discussion here to have on what you're looking for. Take it elsewhere.
Who hurt you?

Get back to me when you want to talk about what I actually did say, the dramatic "I can't believe you're suggesting (insert something that was never suggested)" thing is already old and just makes things go in circles. I've edited my original post for clarification.
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