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Originally Posted by Textcritic View Post

For a team that has graduated a tonne of prospects to the NHL over the past couple of years, and which just finished near the top of the NHL Standings I have actually been fairly impressed by the quality and quantity of competition in this year's rankings.
Yeah I've been really happy with our drafting recently.

2019: Nikolaev, Nodler, and Wolf all have had mentions of "can't believe they got him there". I always like the talk of immediate home runs if things work out for late picks.

2018: Pospisil, Koumontzis, Pettersen, Zavgorodniy all seem like they've made huge gains since getting drafted. Pettersen, Pospisil, and Zavgorodniy were all named by Pronman as some of his "biggest risers".

2016: Parsons and Dube in the 2nd, Fox in the 3rd, Phillips in the 6th.

2015: Rasmus and Kylington in the 2nd, Mangiapane in the 6th.

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