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Interesting news out of Russia as they have ordered 10 of the TU-160M2 Blackjack. while its related to the original TU-160 that was produced in the 80's, this is a completely different air craft.

Its a swept wing variable high speed low altitude bomber, that's designed to be the fastest strategic bomber ever made with speeds past Mach 2. Its also designed to carry low observable extremely long range munitions.

This thing is designed to dash in, fire stealthy long range ordinance and dash out.

The first 10 are a test order with the expectation that the Russians are going to order up to 50.

These planes are designed not only as heavy strategic bombers, but to be used by Russian frontal aviation as carrier and convoy killers.

This has called into question the development of the PAK-DA stealth Bomber which was supposed to be deliverable in this decade. There's a probability that the TU-160 represents a tactical shift in Russian strategies.
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