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QubicGames will be providing 1 free game each day on the Nintendo Switch for 10 days starting on Dec. 15th. You'll have 24 hours to download each game before the next game appears. You also need to download each game in order for the next game to be unlocked. Having said that, you can download Robonauts for FREE now in order to started on Nintendo eShop as you MUST have owned a QubicGame before the giveaway starts on Dec.15th:

Apparently Colouring Book is free and simply downloading that then allows you to download Robonauts free right after.

Official announcement:
10 free games in 10 days to celebrate their 15-year anniversary, QubicGames are giving everyone the ability download 10 of their Nintendo Switch games for free along with a massive sale.

Get ready for the QubicGames 15 anniversary giveaway and sale!

Starting December 15th, 1 game will be listed as a free download and players have 24 hours to download it. Each game needs to be downloaded to ensure the next game unlocks as a free the next day.

For more details on how the giveaway works, the full list of the games or when they will be available can be found on the official competition landing page
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