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Originally Posted by Raekwon View Post
WTH I didn't know this was a thing. I'v been searching for good flight combat games and this never came up. Time to pull out the old HOTAS

Edit: And it works with HTC Vive, maybe I can get some use out of that also. Now I see why i Never heard of it, $100 cdn for a plane, if its good maybe its worth it.
I am loving it.
I tried it a few years ago and for whatever reason couldn't get into it. Now I can't pull myself away, especially in VR. I recommend starting with the $18 F-15 to see if you like the overall idea of the game. The cheaper planes don't have as much functionality but they're still really fun, but the expensive planes like the F-18 I have have almost every system in them realistically modelled, with every button and switch in the cockpit clickable and working.

Does come with a steep learning curve though

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