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turning on lightsaber dismemberment in Jedi Outcast for the first time. I don't think hacking away at screaming stormtroopers until they were nothing but a pile of body parts ever got old. actually the force powers allowed a whole lot of sadistic kills, like force choking an enemy and then tossing them so high that they died from the fall, or jumping over a squad of troopers and force pulling them upwards to make it rain bodies.

conversely, Jedi Outcast also had one of the most uncool moments in video game history. you go through training and finally earn your lightsaber...what's waiting for you at your first mission to Nar Shaddaa? jumping puzzles and enemies with unblockable sniper rifles. yaaay.

Yeah, dismember was cool, there was that one level where you walked across the generator and took sadistic glee in pulling storm troopers into the generator to watch them dissolve.

That Nar Shadda mission, the first part of that was frustration on wheels when you're walking around the outside of the building. I got killed so many times. But the equally cool moment, when you get inside and you can hear the enemies on the level above you. So you step out and one of the enemies tosses a thermal detonator and you use force push to push it back at him and hear the screaming as it explodes.

The first time you get into a real lightsaber fight with a baddy and you can't just slice away at them. It was epic for me, blocking a attack, then pinwheeling over him and slashing him in the back was really satisfying.
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