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EVs are at a place where they would work for a high majority of people for 95% of the trips they do. And they are advancing quickly. Right now the biggest factor is the startup cost. If the startup cost comes down to a similar level as a gas vehicle - gas vehicles are essentially done for - there’s simply too many advantages to EVs.

The charging networks are growing rapidly too, and I suspect that within 5 years, it will never be an issue to find a charging station, unless you are somewhere really remote. For what most people do, having a home based charger is all they would need 99% of the time. Of course, there are many who don’t have an option to have a home based charger, and that must be addressed.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if, in 10-20 years, Gas powered vehicles are a niche market amongst new vehicles sales.
I still struggle to see how manufacturers will get the costs of battery production down. With the assumption that lithium will still be needed and demand for the resource increased, I think gas vehicles will continue to be cheaper during that time frame. I see it as more of a 50/50 split amongst the SUV/Sedan crowd.

I'm also a little biased/selfish as the adoption of EV's will likely make electricity costs higher.
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