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Give me an AWD EV minivan for the city and I'd be all over it. The vehicle would be fully charged at home all the time so 300 KM is enough even for something like a day at Banff and back. 400-500+ is obviously more comfortable though and with a vehicle that size, I assume adding an extra battery to increase the range shouldn't be a major issue?

Sort out the minivan road trip issue later.

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Until the day where you can charge your batteries from 0% to close to 100% in 5 minutes (just like gassing up your car), and when almost all of the current gas stations start installing chargers, there is still a long way for EVs to displace combustible engines. The accessibility and availability to refuel your EV is just not there yet.
What if you just built wireless charging into stretches of road and force people to pay a toll to drive on them? Kinda like a gas station/HOV situation all in one go? You could even combine it with other things that keep people hanging out like a drive through etc.
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