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I was in the process of buying a new vehicle a few months ago, and had considered a Tesla. But ultimately I didn't go for it.

I think the price point of EVs are acceptable these days. It's not like the entrance fee for an EV is $200K or something. $50K-ish I think isn't a huge deterrent for people.

I read up about how great Tesla's and other EVs are, but currently the battery technology and accessibility of charging stations are still the biggest factor that EVs aren't more popular these days.

Until the day where you can charge your batteries from 0% to close to 100% in 5 minutes (just like gassing up your car), and when almost all of the current gas stations start installing chargers, there is still a long way for EVs to displace combustible engines. The accessibility and availability to refuel your EV is just not there yet.
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