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There's some good posts later in this thread about some of the systems available on the consumer side:

After some back and forth discussion with Diemenz via PM, I decided to go with the TP-Link Deco m5 system for my house. I chose this for a couple reasons:

1. Budget.
2. I knew I could do a physical ethernet/network cable backhaul for each node, which is important for this system.I don't think the performance would be there if I was doing a strict wireless only configuration.
3. Have a couple friends who I found out run them as well and they've had good experience.
4. Super easy setup (but I don't think this is limited to this system, as they all seem to be easy to setup).

I've been running it for about a month and am very satisfied. I get full coverage of my house, the speeds are fast enough for me, and I haven't had any nodes drop out or any such issues. I have it setup so that the first node comes off my SHAW model and is the firewall/router for my network, and then the rest of the nodes are connected via my central switch. My only concern is regarding the strength of the firewall itself. It's also a little weird for me to have to setup everything via their app, but it's also super handy to be able to config it from my phone on the fly.

Anyways, that's my two cents.
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