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I was kind of wondering if anyone was still involved in waiting for this game

Some updated news and info

Star Citizen offers a $27,000 high roller package that raises the ire of those players still waiting for the game after 6 years

Player who demanded a $25,000 refund still waiting for his money and court fees

Crytek suing over CIS's use of the Cryengine

In December 2016, CIG and RSI said they were moving off of CryEngine 3 in favor of Amazonís Lumberyard product. But the complaint filed by Crytek says thatís not the case. Looking carefully at CIG and RSIís own marketing materials, show lines of code on the screen that seem to indicate the games are running, at least partially, on CryEngine 3.

Making matters even more complicated is the fact that Amazonís Lumberyard is, in fact, a fork of the CryEngine itself purchased by Amazon.

The lawsuit goes on to say that CIG and RSI improperly removed the CryEngine logo when the game boots up, and that the teams failed to properly disclose modifications to CryEngine 3 as part of their licensing agreement.

But the lawsuit doesnít stop there. As we reported in 2016, CIG and RSI began selling two distinct games ó Squadron 42 and the Star Citizen Persistent Universe. Crytek says that since both use the same code, that constitutes using the engine twice and represents a further breach of contract.

Crytek is asking for direct damages, indirect damages and a permanent injunction to prevent CIG and RSI ďfrom continuing to possess or use the Copyrighted Work.Ē That could mean poring over the code of an incredibly complex game

Squadron 42 the single player addon has had no release date update since 2016
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