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Originally Posted by codynw View Post
#### No Man's Sky forever. I wouldn't pick that garbage up again if it was free on PS+ tbh.
I get that the game is not for everyone, but I don't get how the irrational hate persists for this game.

Destiny had a much worse bait and switch than No Man's Sky and then they charged for their DLC that "fixed" their game. These guys made a royal mess, but then at least fixed it as a series of free updates (with NEXT a quasi-sequel in terms of the enhancements)

Personally, I started playing No Man's Sky after the foundation update (base building) and I have enjoyed it. To me it is such a different experience, a sandbox to set my own objectives and a lot more chill gaming session.

A warning though to anyone jumping back in - old saves = adapting to the new game world, and there are still bugs being reported (I have had one crash). They are saying they will be updating regularly, so if they keep that promise, then these bugs should be ironed out over time.
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