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I give you all kinds of credit, at least you found a way to kind of hedge your bets, I know a lot of people that have gone from optimistic to jaded to outright anger who have spent a bunch of money on ships, and now they're just raggedly determined to take their losses.

But a lot of those guys are now at the point also where they've spent so much money that they're going to nit pick everything on the game when and if it gets finished and then really grouse if its not a 10 year gaming adventure.

I mean the only game that I've long term invested in is SWTOR and I was one of the original sign ups that went through the beta testing, and I still feel that I get pretty good value to it because the game has evolved and changed and had a lot of content added to it. I'm still at the point where I log in a couple of times a week, whether its to run flashpoints or play new story content, or just craft some boxes so I can furnish my new Strong hold on Manaan.

I've played all 8 character types, and some stories multiple times using different approaches.

But at the same time, at some point I know I'm probably going to stop paying for the game becasue it will inevitably become a challengless game

(right now my agent because of level balancing is nearly unkillable and wipes out gold enemies with 1 backstab and three slashes.
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