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Originally Posted by Weitz View Post
Thanks for the help guys!

I am trying the nested way there, and I can't seem to get it to work.

this is my formula:

=IF(1,$O$117,IF(2,$O$118,IF(3,$O$119,IF(4,$O$120,I F(5,$O$121,IF(6,$O$122,0))))))

All it returns is the value for 1.

Sorry I am awful with excel.

Wait I just realized it doesn't make sense ha.

Cool Got it to work with this:

=IF(N4=1,$O$117,IF(N4=2,$O$118,IF(N4=3,$O$119,IF(N 4=4,$O$120,IF(N4=5,$O$121,IF(N4=6,$O$122,0))))))
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