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Originally Posted by RW99 View Post
So I'm back with another question for the CP braintrust, any help would be appreciated. I have this spreadsheet:

The green section is fairly straight forward, I have to distribute files every day to a group of six staff. Today I am distributing 1000 files (D2). Of these six staff, Shannon and Greg are slackers, so they only get 10.6% of the files, everyone else is even at 19.7% (A5:A10).

The yellow section is where it gets tricky. Some staff are here a full day and some are half days and some call in sick to play Battlefield 1 (come on Terry...). So the question is what would my formula look like in the red section (H5:H10) so that regardless of who shows up to work all 1000 files get assigned?

I think I'm asking for a lot here, I'm assuming the formula might be fairly long
Since Terri is off your percentage dist has to be refactored , and compared against the sum of available workload days? On phone so didn't check your file, but 10%x0 work days equals 0
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