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Originally Posted by Minnie View Post
This might be my one complaint about Shaw. We've had excellent service and we've been with Shaw coming up on 15 years. Shaw gets a fair amount of our money. But every little thing is only ever geared toward newcomers. There really should be some sort of special offers once in a while, that are geared toward the long term customer base.
Step One:
Find out what Telus is offering for a new plan or just make up a number you like.
Step Two:
Call shaw and ask them how much notice you need to give to cancel your service if you are switching to someone else.
Step Three:
Keep talking until they ask you why you are thinking about switching.
Step Four: Say I really like shaw, and the service has been great over the years but Telus is offering me XXXXXX and I did some math and it seems to be a better deal.
Step Five: Keep chatting about the differences between Telus and Shaw and be complimentary of shaw but keep mentioning how good of deal they have until Shaw offers you a discounted rate for 6 to 12 months. I find that you do this about every 18 months to 2 years. Essentailly you have to wait 12 months from when your last deal expired.
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