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Originally Posted by Boblobla View Post
The grandfathered rates are getting really frustrating and when I call to try and get some of the new channels added the cost of my package would be WAY higher than what a new subscriber is paying.

I am not on gateway and have tried to call and get a deal as I have always purchased all of my boxes from shaw but no dice. I am not up for another purchase of new hardware again. I bought 2 new boxes 3 or so years ago and they work fine, I have a hard time justifying the expense of a gateway system.

A buddy of mine just moved and signed up with Telus and he seems very happy.

I guess my biggest issue is that a new subscriber could get way more than what I currently have for the same or less money. Whenever I call and talk to someone they are quite useless. I realize that is the same with all call centres but it does not change how frustrating it is. I don't want to have to threaten to move to another company to get good customer service.

TL;DR, I am a whiny bitch...

I get the issues with the grandfathered rates, I realize they have gone up pretty quickly. As far as being more than new customers, everything grandfathered is less than the current rate. I know there are the new customer promos that will give a discount for a limited time, but nothing that will match at regular rate. Really what grandfathered means is just that the particular code is one that we cannot use anymore. If you want to change to the newer rates you can, it just isn't usually beneficial. As far as the gateway goes, we generally don't offer much in the way of deals for them, although for any equipment we do have purchase, rental, financing and service agreement options. Also if you want someone to look into what options are available, you can just ask them to look into the account and see if there is anything they can do for you. It can be a little hit or miss with who you get, any company is like that, and sometimes there really is nothing that can be done on an account, but usually if you approach it as a 'i like shaw and want to stay but...' you can get someone to look into the account a little further to try to come up with options.
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