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secol that's exactly what I did... I bought a Galaxy S3 through Wind in late June (had a generic flip phone before that with Koodo) and I have nothing negative to say about Wind.

As long as your primarily in Calgary you won't have any major reception problems.

No sign up fees, no cancellation fees, my first monthly bill was exactly the amount they said it would be. Porting a number over from Koodo was relatively easy and was up and running immediately with a temporary number and a few hours later with my original ported number.

If you're not traveling out of their main coverage zone much, I don't know why anyone would go with a different provider. Even if you do travel outside their zones you'll switch to "Wind Away network" (Rogers network) and texts and phone on their network are reasonably priced.... just ensure data roaming is turned off.

You also get 14 days free to evaluate their coverage/phone/plan so it's really a no brainer.
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