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Originally Posted by Tron_fdc View Post
Great info guys, keep it coming, lots of info out there I wasn't aware of.

Anyone want to guess how this might affect recreational properties?
They've started to tank in bc.. Our cabin on shuswap lake went from $450k to 1 mill and back to around $750k in the last 2-3 years..

Going back to the comments about how the economy is so strong still, I don't completely buy that arguement, the drilling sector still severely depressed, construction is already taking a hit, and there is high volume of people emigrating from the province at the moment.. I for one am predicting a significant decline in prices this year.. If people are in the market to buy I suggest low balling the asking price by at least 10-15%.. People can only hold on to two properties for so long before they drown..
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