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Originally Posted by tkflames View Post
A different way of wording this is...Edmonton has so many AHLers on their roster right now...that a team willing to dump even a mediocre one to get under the cap would be an improvement up north..

Well that's just exactly it isn't it. Staples is 100% right in that pretty much anyone left without a seat when the music stops will likely become an option for Ken. That 'pretty much anyone' might be a better option than what they have in their top-9 right now.

But for that mindset, you have to assume that they're aware that this is #31 looking to re-start putting a team together. Not a team that promotes itself as just outside the playoff picture - and once they're in... watch out!

What he's actually saying here, is that this is a playoff team that needs a few pieces that will squeeze out once everyone has put their rosters together. With all the success he had in re-building in the cap-era, it's on Krafty Ken to turn this roster and $3-4M into a playoff contender. What other teams are doing without should be enough to make that happen.
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