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Originally Posted by Split98 View Post
He just can't stop with this

Annually we see far reaches sold as an optimistic future, but they're hitting new levels lately. Only ONE team on that list has LESS cap space than the Oilers themselves. All of the teams on that list are icing better teams than the Oilers. So which one of these teams are the Oilers in a position to squeeze?

The Oilers have $3,933,001 in cap space, an atrocious roster and fans expecting a playoff run. Any moron that's paid a small amount of attention to the Oilers situation should know this, and they're not exactly in 'take your bad contract' territory.

Has he shared any actual examples I've missed? I just scanned the teams he mentioned and I can't come up with a single example of something that would legitimately work. What >$4M package are you taking off teams for draft picks? How does that fix your team? Are you still making the playoffs with this >$4M castoff?
You're assuming David Staples put any actual thought or effort into researching something before he regurgitated it from the OBC? Doubtful at best.
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