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Originally Posted by Erick Estrada View Post
There's always a degree of risk no matter what age but even at that the fact is that he's chosen to make less money than his peers. Considerably less. And while the concept of him wanting to be there is simple enough to understand, it's just something you don't see a lot in any workplace ever. I've turned down offers to make maybe 10-20% more salary at other companies because I like where I am but I'm certainly not going to stay for less than 1/3 of what I should be making which is the case here. It will be interesting to revisit this discussion next year for sure.

Maybe there's something in the water in San Jose as well. Of all the markets (players go to NY for the experience but many move on) I don't think there's one that once players play there they never want to leave like that market.
Would you take the money over success though? And moving cities? Itís hard to gauge what drives individuals. Maybe the kid wants a shot at the cup and doesnít care how much money a bottom feeder wants to offer him. Maybe heís had discussions with coaches and knows his line mates and feels there is a good shot at personal success and team success, and values this more than his bank account. There is a spot in this lineup for him, where he has demonstrated success, and the team is built well to compete.

Iím mad about it to, not because I donít understand it, but because Iím sick of the Sharks getting sweatheart deals for solid players. More jealously than anything.
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