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Except Labanc has had more than one good season. 20 points in 55 games as a 20 year old rookie, 40 points the next year, 56 last year and he's now only 23.
Labanc has also been extremely fortunate with his linemates. He plays with Couture, Pavelski, Hertl and Burns/Karlsson on the powerplay? Not exactly surprising he had 20 PP points.

Stapled to Thornton for even strength time this year, although granted not quite prime-let's-get-Cheechoo-the-Rocket-Thornton but still not bad of a center. Last year it was a mixture of Couture and Hertl or Pavelski and Thornton.

He was probably the ninth best forward behind Burns, Karlsson, Couture, Hertl, Pavelski, Meieier, Kane and Thornton. Alright fine 7th if you don't count those listed on defense

Sometimes you just find your niche and things look good and then come crumbling down. Glencross went from wanted asset turning down extension to out of work. Moss was looking like a 20-20 bonafide player and then was out of work a couple years later. If Neal took a one-year one-million contract last off-season to chase the Cup and then played the way he did this year he would be out 28M.

I'm not comparing these players at all but there's just not a complete certainty, especially if you throw in injury.
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