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Originally Posted by Cecil Terwilliger View Post
As per the article posted above they may have feature length episodes next season. The article about how the episodes possibly being 80+ mins has been circulating for a week or two now.

Six 90min episodes is 9 hours.

So actually it could run quite long compared to what we're used to. As for fewer episodes with longer run times, there's been a ton of speculation as to why. Cost seems to be a factor.
Add up the extended episodes for this season, and instead of around six and a half hours (based on average episode length for S1-S6) we get seven hours and 32 minutes. An extra hour. I have no doubt that the final season will run longer than six hours. But there's no way it will approach 9 or 10. Again - the showrunners didn't drop the episode count just to make the same amount of content in fewer episodes. If a 9 to 10 hour season were planned, so would 9 to 10 episodes.

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