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Originally Posted by Bigtime View Post
So was I the only one wondering why that group of Lannister soldiers was non-rapey? Arya just rolls into their camp with not even a care, we do get that shot of her seeing that all their swords are off of them. Just struck me as kind of odd after so many seasons of people avoiding troops like the plague, since they were all killing, looting, and raping. Or is she just so next level now that taking them out would have been no problem for her and she had possibly sized them up before riding into their camp?
I think its because Ed Sheeran has a very disarming personality. Then he starts singing and you can feel the urge to kill rising.

And if they just walk or boat around the Wall I'd be upset at such a glaringly stupid loophole.

"Its got strong magic"

Well.....we'll just get ol' Freddy the 'Ice King' to freeze the water over there and walk around it. Problem solved. Tell me again why it took thousands of years to sort this out?
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