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Originally Posted by Weitz View Post
Not to rain on your parade but I would assume 2% of sales of conditions not being met is way too low. And if conditions aren’t met the deposit gets returned.
So you're def right, the deposit isn't quite as iron clad as I thought. But my realtor is sticking with his numbers on conditional sales falling thru. Also, half the time it fails its due to inspection and since we're a 5 year old home won't be an issue.

Originally Posted by Weitz View Post
Especially because you were concerned it wouldn’t sell.
I wasn't too worried about it not selling cuz the house sucked, just the market is weak. But for houses in our area our size it's actually not that bad. We've had 3 more viewings since our home was conditionally sold, so the interest is there. I'll breathe easier on the 22nd when this moves into a more official sale
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