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Originally Posted by TheoFleury View Post
I've learned that I'm destined to be alone. I wasted my youth on a job that ####ed me over and a wife who fell out of love with me. Lost touch with all my former friends. Mid life crisis. Don't know what to do. 2 kids that I love but she keeps them from me. Mentally ill too so there's that. Living in poverty despite a good wage, crushing child support and debt from the marriage. Car engine went and used cars are literally non-existent and a new car is just more crushing debt. I make $32/hour and I'm walking and cabbing everywhere. So much bitter anger. Don't know why I'm posting this here. Just done. Finally sober after a two decade struggle. Not because of a heroic struggle but because even drinking provides no joy for me anymore.
You'll get past this and things will get better.
Life can change in a heartbeat from the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times, but you have to keep plugging away to get there.
The Delhi police have announced the formation of a crack team dedicated to nabbing the elusive 'Monkey Man' and offered a reward for his -- or its -- capture.
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